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2022 Gift Guide: Intrigue's 50 Holiday Favorites

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by Jessica Toscano Dec 18, 2022

Holiday Gifts
Jessica Toscano/IntrigueMag

Hey, you! Before you dive in, we want you to know that all products featured in Intrigue are independently selected by our editorial team just for you. Yes, you're *that* special. ;) But also know that when you shop, we may earn commission from links on this page.


Holiday shopping is stressful, especially when your list consists of people with different hobbies, interests, and vibes. That’s why each year we piece together the hottest buys across self-care, fitness, health, food and drinks, and relationships of all types, including gifts for your bae, bestie, and fam. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best stocking stuffers or the ultimate in wellness luxury, this list is here to help ease your anxiety, so you can shop, wrap, and partake in holiday festivities like the well-put-together adult you know you can be.

For the holiday shoppers who want the perfect gift for every person on their list, these top 50 gift sets, stocking stuffers, and lifestyle luxuries are for you.

Skincare products

A luxury brand with a cause, AMEŌN utilizes cryotherapy, scientifically-curated special blends, and selective botanicals to nourish and illuminate skin while donating annually to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization close to the heart of the founder, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30.

Immunity supplement

Containing over 200 bioactive nutrients and a series of prebiotics, peptides, and antibodies that neutralize viruses and bacteria, star ingredient bovine colostrum (the very first milk produced by cows) helps ward off illness in this superfood of a supplement.

3. Firefly™ Recovery Unit, $165 for a 4-pack

Muscle recovery device

The ultimate muscle recovery for the fitness guru in your life, firefly devices are designed to send light shocks to the peroneal nerve (a sensation to the front and sides of the legs and top of the feet) to increase blood flow by 400% and help muscles in the area recover faster. Delivered on a seven-point scale, shocks can be tailored to the athlete’s particular needs at a time most convenient to them — during sleep, travel, or before or after a workout — making this portable device an appealing option for those consistently on the go.

Lubricant warming system

Help that sexy someone in your life set the mood with this luxurious warming system made for intimate moments. With six colored lights — and several brightness settings — to choose from, this sleek design emanates a subtle glow that enhances the ambiance of a date night or solo sesh. The real magic happens when the extension of a palm releases the precise amount of warm lube or massage oil for a fun time.

5. Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes in “The Cooper”, $16 for a 6-cube pack

Pre-mixed cocktail cubes
Herb & Lou's

For those who like to entertain but can’t seem to craft a cocktail, these pre-mixed cubes do all the work (just add a splash of booze) while your giftee reaps all the credit. Never again will they have to worry about mixers or measurements.

Human growth skincare

A science-backed skincare system that moisturizes, smooths, and regenerates for skin that’s healthy and revitalized. The secret? Stem cells derived from human bone marrow that encourage cell repair to optimize vitality.

Pillow mist
The Raw Botonics Co.

Help someone close to you relax with this soothing pillow mist, designed to promote quality rest during slumber with a calming blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils and premium broad-spectrum hemp CBD. As your giftee switches positions throughout the night, CBD is released through pillow fibers and absorbed through the skin for the ultimate tranquility.

Insulated bottle and supplements

A variety of great-tasting supplements for stellar immunity, an intense workout, a restful night’s sleep and more in this holiday bundle equipped with a sturdy, insulated bottle to keep nutrient-mixed bevs on hand and ice cold.

Wine glass chiller

Keep wine chill while you and your besties sip with this impressive freezable cradle that never seems to warm. Equipped with a base to collect condensation, so no one ever needs to worry about coasters. Perfect for tumblers and stemless glasses.

Intimacy card game

The ultimate activity for anyone who’s looking to improve their intimate relationships, Wonderlust uses 138 cards to pose a series of thought-provoking questions and actions that encourage intimacy, trust, and meaningful communication. Whether they’re incorporated with a partner of two months or 10 years, the relationship is bound to reach new heights after a few rounds of this crafty deck that doubles as table art.

Skin-perfecting products
Dr. Brandt

An exceptional duo for anyone who wishes to immediately erase large pores and puffy under eyes, both products work their magic only seconds after application without compromise. That means no stiffness, cracking, or countdown until reapplication, because both products last until the moment they are washed off.

12. Milan Candles in “777 Coconut Cashmere”, $65

Luxury candle
Milan Candles

A luxury candle that’s as extravagant in scent as it is in packaging. Made out of 100% natural coconut soy wax blend and beeswax and hand poured in California, each candlelit jar releases negative ions that bind to positively-charged air pollutants, canceling each other out for an all-around clean air experience.

13. Kaenon Lido Polarized Sunglasses in "Champagne", $125

Polarized luxury sunglasses

Polarized lenses plus a stylish design equals unisex sunglasses fit for sport or casual wear. This lightweight pair is available in seven shades and offers UV protection for a classy look with optimal vision and safety.

Luxury canister of nuts
Damn, Man

Who wouldn’t love a delectable container of mixed nuts served in a very classy glass canister? The answer is no one. This two-in-one offers a tasty snack and (lead-free) decanter once it's emptied.

Intimacy serum

Encased in sleek glass packaging and made with quality, clean ingredients, this versatile serum was created to offer its receiver the utmost luxurious of experiences, from the bedside nightstand (beautifully displayed on top, of course) to its smooth application on the skin, hair, and intimate areas. Bonus: It was crafted with the environment in mind, equipped with a refillable cartridge to help reduce waste.

Faux fur slippers
Lusso Cloud x UnHide

Weightless slippers for the person who’s always on their feet, these bbs offer triple the comfort to make whoever wears them feel like they’re walking on a plush cloud.

17. Goodfit Puzzle in “Working Woman” by Uzo Njoku, $28

Puzzle artwork

A creative display for the puzzler who knows a work of art when they see it. Piece it together, then frame it for show.

Fitness subscription box

Once every three months, allow this subscription service to greet the gym-goer in your life with a box full of healthy snacks, fitness apparel and accessories, supplements and more. Each delivery is vastly different from the previous one, so your giftee will never not be amazed by its contents.

Alcohol-removed wine

A “Jøyus” occasion can now be celebrated with this alcohol-removed bubbly rosé that’s as every bit balanced, medium-bodied, and delightful as the real deal. With prominent notes of strawberries, blackberries, and citrus, this bottle pairs well with holiday spreads and date night charcuteries alike.

20. Tabs Sex Chocolate, $27.99 for two boxes

Aphrodisiac chocolate

Almost 1,500 reviews (899 that are five-star) boast the mystical powers of this horny chocolate that’s made its way around the internet — so much so that nearly five dozen impersonation accounts exist on Instagram — in just a few, short months. Legend has it (according to various TikTok reviews) that all you need is half a square and a sexy partner to reap its benefits, although whoever receives this can totally engage alone. 21. MRNG Body Créme, $66

CBD body cream

For the ultimate luxury, this decadent body cream includes 300 mg hemp CBD to relax muscles and smooth skin. Factor in its clean aroma, and your giftee will feel like they entered the spa.

Adagio Teas

Loose leaf tea drinkers will fall in love with this teapot that makes the tea brewing, serving, and cleaning process easier than ever. Just add hot water and tea leaves, place over a mug, and the pot will drain just the tea, not the leaves.

Yoga card deck

A yoga routine as unique as the person who's gifted this deck. Beginners and gurus alike can choose cards based on levels of difficulty as well as specific ailments based on chakras, body parts, or bodily functions. Some cards even offer warm-up and follow-up poses to ensure users’ safety no matter the sequence that develops.

Lazy susan
Lynn & Liana Designs

Manufactured with acacia hardwood and glossy epoxy, this antimicrobial lazy susan is ideal for crafting exquisite butter boards, hand piecing colorful charcuterie palettes, and serving festive holiday spreads. Its rubber feet ensure zero scratches with each spin, and once emptied, a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design is left for display.

Handheld skincare device

Mist skin to perfection with this handheld tool designed to deep-deliver skincare essentials to the face in quick, circular motions. When paired with its app, your giftee can learn how to optimize their skincare routine for best results.

CBD tincture
The Raw Botonics Co.

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and adaptogens come together in this lychee-flavored tincture to promote a unique combination of calm, focus, and pain-relief for the person who could use some chill.

Dumbbell set

Easy-grip dumbbells make workouts anywhere a breeze thanks to their no-slip coating, but especially so when they’re available in as many bright colors as these bbs.

28. Cask & Kettle Coffee Bundle, $69.99, $14.99 for one

Alcohol-infused coffee
Cask & Kettle

Mixing coffee with booze is now as simple as popping a K-cup in the Keurig with one of six Cask & Kettle flavors, including Irish Coffee. No Keurig? No problem! Your giftee can simply open a pre-mixed K-cup, pour it into a mug of water, and heat it in the microwave or over the stove.

Massage bar lotion
Kate McLeod

A unique bar lotion made for intimate moments, the Sex Stone melts on contact with skin, making it ideal for sensual massages and tender body rubs.

Wellness journal

Help your giftee keep track of their emotional wellbeing with daily prompts and self-directed affirmations aimed to improve their mental awareness and quality of life in this hardback journal available in 10 inspiring colors.

31. Prima R+R Cream, $38

Pain-relief cream

Targeted relief for the person who’s forever hunched over a computer, this muscle recovery cream delivers 750 mg organic hemp CBD along with a soothing blend of botanicals, including eucalyptus, menthol, and tea tree.

Coffee subscription

For the coffee extraordinaire, this quarterly subscription gifts one of Devocion’s favorite house blends — like El Sol (peach, caramel, and cinnamon) and Toro (cacao, vanilla, cherry, and almond) via their grind of choice every three months.

Soap set
Dirty Bird

Three soaps for the naughty list and three for the nice, this six-piece gift set allows partners to test the boundaries of shower role play with mood-inspiring scents and sensations, like orange essential oil to evoke happy memories and menthol for skin-tingling excitement.

Body oil
Tata Harper

Always velvety, never greasy, this *highly-rated* botanical blend will leave your bougie bae with supple hair and skin that feels and smells soft.

Peace and sympathy plant
Lively Root

Peaceful, humble, and uplifting, the Peace Lily is meant to bring its owner joy and relaxation. Gift this easy-to-care-for plant to someone who needs this type of encouragement in their life.

36. Body Glide, $11

Anti-chafe balm
Body Glide

Whether it’s lifting weights at the gym or running marathons, the Body Glide stick helps prevent chafing, blisters, and raw skin associated with apparel, equipment, and sweat in combination with working out – the definition of a perfect stocking stuffer for the ultimate athlete.

Vegan mixer
Mary's Mixers

The ’90s are back, but mixers with preservatives and artificial ingredients don’t have to be. For the friend who needs bartending assistance, introduce this premium, hand-crafted original sour mix. At 71% juice (compared with other mixers’ 7%) and made with organic agave syrup for sweetness, Mary’s Original serves a mixer-made margarita that’s fresher and more flavorful than before.

Meme hat

Whoever is gifted this cap values the important things in life. So does whoever sees them wearing it. Allow this to be the matchmaker they never knew they wanted.

Eye patches
Peter Thomas Roth

Depuff, firm, and brighten your giftee’s under eyes with this party pack of 12 patches for both at-home and on-the-go ease.

Salt rock lamp
Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

Hand-selected crystals from the Himalayas emanate a soft glow in this basket lamp that functions as an air purifier. Perfect for those with asthma, sinusitis, and year-round allergies.

Grip socks

Keep the athlete in your life grounded with these no-slip grip socks with arch support. Available in three adult sizes and made with organic cotton, Peloton created these bbs with comfort in mind.

Alcohol gummies
Smith & Sinclair

The adult bev you can eat, these party candies offer everyone’s cocktail favorites (including tequila sunrise, cosmopolitan, old fashioned, and gin & tonic) in gummy form, with 5% alcohol per treat. Getting drunk off of flavor has never been so adult.

Drinking board game

If your friends aren’t boozers, they will be after playing this drinking board game modeled after Monopoly. Between a board that encourages shot taking and cards that really offer no other choice, the gamers in your life are in for a buzz of a good time. Unlike its muse, this version was designed to encourage laughter, not inspire competition.

Ph-balance body wash

A gentle wash for those with sensitive skin, this jelly-like rinse cleans sans irritating fragrances, dyes, and detergents while still offering a light lather.

Healing bracelet
Cape Diablo

Made with uplifting Jasper Stone, this multicolor wristband represents the seven chakras and is designed as a path to attract positive energy. Gift this to someone who’s on a journey of self-discovery for luck.

Fitness journal

Help your gym bestie track gains with this easy-to-log fitness journal that can later be reviewed for daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

47. RTIC Coffee Mug, $11.19

Insulated coffee mug

Never again will a hot beverage grow cold — or a frosty beverage fall warm — with this double wall vacuum-insulated mug. With its sipping lid sealed tight, drinks maintain their original temps, even hours later. Best part? Zero condensation and no heat transfer means never having to use a coaster or worry about burning hands.

Multi-functional vibrator

Although optimal for vagina-havers, this multi-functional vibrator can perform in myriad ways, gender aside. Implement one side for suction (nipples count!) and the other for vibration, or bend it in half to use both sides simultaneously. It can even be incorporated with a partner (let us count the ways!).

Multi-purpose ointment

From tattoo care and chapped lips to minor cuts, scrapes and eczema flare-ups, this multi-purpose ointment will never not be useful. That’s probably why you can purchase it in a variety of travel sizes, including this 3 oz jar, a 2 oz tube, and a mini lip tube.

Edible chocolate body paint
High on Love

For experimental partners who’d rather nibble on each other than indulge in a midnight snack, this chocolate body paint features premium grade hemp seed oil for a tasty treat and luscious skin.


Jessica Toscano is the founder of IntrigueMag, covering health and fitness, sex and relationships, and more.

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