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13 Styles that Spread Social Distancing Positivity

Pleased to admit we're #TeamFauci.

by Emily Cieslak Sep 29, 2020

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom mirror selfie
Orlando Bloom/Instagram

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We’ve always loved a good graphic tee, but 2020 has made a shirt’s real estate even more precious with the potential to promote public health. From Jaunty to Urban Outfitters, brands are forgoing their logos to make public service announcements, and we aren’t complaining. Even celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Orlando Bloom have traded their usual glamorous garb for printed tees and sweats that ask us to put safety first. After all, we could all use a reminder that small steps, like washing hands or wearing masks, can save lives, especially as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the United States.

Whether you are on a Zoom call or in line at the grocery store, spread cheer and coronavirus safety awareness with these 13 punny pieces.

1. Don’t be a Covidiot Tee, $20

Black t-shirt
Into The Eye/Etsy

This unisex t-shirt features a clever play on words that will make you chuckle (behind your mask, of course). Available in 15 colors, you might as well stock up, so you’ll always have a shirt ready, no matter your mood.

2. Spread Kindness, Not Germs Tee, $20

Black t-shirt
Into the Eye/Etsy

If you aim for a more gentle message, this shirt is a nice reminder that what we really need in the world right now is kindness. Consider mask-wearing and handwashing your daily good deeds.

3. Schitt’s Creek Sweatshirt, $27.76+

Schitt's Creek sweatshirt
Africana Shop/Etsy

What better way to pay tribute to Schitt’s Creek’s recent record-breaking Emmy sweep than with a sweatshirt that encourages social distancing? This genius design captures one of David Rose’s many iconic quotes from season one. It was funny then, but definitely more relatable now. And we thought he was being over the top.

4. Quarantine and Chill Sweatshirt, $22.60

Netflix and chill maroon sweatshirt
Style Shirts GB/Etsy

If you love Netflix and chill, quarantine and chill is pretty much the same. Channel stay-at-home positivity with this unisex sweatshirt available in black, grey, and maroon. It’s the perfect palette for fall and perhaps, a second wave.

5. Wash Your Hands Instructions Tee, $34

Wash your hands white tee
Urban Outfitters

Sure, you can tell people to wash their hands, but this tee takes it to the next level by illustrating the six steps for proper cleanliness, straight from public restroom posters themselves. Cheeky and comprehensive: Who knew a PSA could look so chic?

6. Don’t Stand So Close to Me Sweatshirt, $20.80+

Don't stand so close black sweatshirt
World Design TX/Etsy

The Police were onto something in 1980 with their single “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.” Relive the beloved ’80s hit and test your friends’ music knowledge with this cozy sweatshirt. Celebrities from Emma Roberts to Hillary Duff’s husband, Matt Koma, have been donning the same message.

7. Wash Your Hands Tee, $16.99 currently $15.29

Wash your hands white tee
Imago Land Shop/Etsy

The more you repeat something, the easier it is to remember, and this tee does the work for you by repeating three crucial words: wash your hands. Pair this classic style with jeans and a leather jacket for a contemporary spin on a timeless look.

8. Social Distancing Tee, $11.89+

Social distancing Friends' t-shirt
Custom Tee Zone/Etsy

Channel the beloved show Friends with this simple unisex design. Wear it on your next Zoom happy hour to show your friends how much you've appreciated their support over the past few months, even when physically apart.

9. Llamastay 6 Feet Away Sweatshirt, $31.99

Llama dark grey sweatshirt
Funny Social Distancing Llama Gifts/Amazon

Who doesn’t love llamas and yoga? Send positive vibes from six feet apart with this lovable sweatshirt, perfect for the fall. Available in four shades, match with your go-to sweatpants to rock at the gym.

10. Social Distancing Champion Tee, $13.95+

Sasquatch grey t-shirt
Daft Threads/Amazon

Apparently, Big Foot is the unofficial mascot of social distancing, with his image printed on tons of shirts and sweatshirts on Amazon. We like this tee for its rave reviews and nice finishing touches, like the toilet paper and beer bottle in sasquatch’s hands. We have to admit, that the pandemic has pushed us to spend more time in the great outdoors, and for that we are grateful.

11. Tie Dye Tracksuit, $75

Stay home tie dye tracksuit
The Original Goddess/Etsy

Think tie-dye was only here for the summer? You can still don the trend into the fall with this bleached black set. With “social distancing” and “stay home” logos, this oversized hoodie and joggers combo fully embraces quarantine vibes.

12. Issac Newton WFH Tee in Male and Female, $18.61

Issac Newton white t-shirt
London Com/Etsy

After six or so months of working from home, you probably need some inspiration to keep productivity levels up. Look no further than Issac Newton, who worked from home during the Great Plague and eventually, developed his gravity theory. Embrace your inner nerd with this t-shirt, and help inspire others, or at least, learn a piece of trivia or two.

13. Disinfect Your Hands Hoodies, $39.99+

Hand sanitizing hoodies

Jaunty owner Sydney Zmrzel has got you covered for hoodie season with two designs: the “Wash Your Hands” logo in "black," or “I Have Hand Sanitizer” in "sand." Or buy both for maximum impact. Who would have thought these would be the most used phrases of 2020 anyway?


Emily Cieslak

Emily Cieslak's work has been published in The Knot, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, The Philadelphia Citizen, Deux Hommes, Twelv Magazine and Amazing Magazine.

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