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Cocktail of the Month: NEFT Vodka ‘Pumpkin Spiced White Russian’

Step aside, PSL.

by Jessica Toscano Sep 10, 2021

Pumpkin Spiced White Russian
NEFT Vodka

It’s shortly after Labor Day that we find ourselves in the familiar routine of exchanging sandals for boots, bathing suits for flannels, and summer shandy for amber ales. While bidding farewell to summer is never joyous, it’s in the fall that we unveil exciting possibilities warm weather fails to offer. From spiced lattes and creams to purées and pies, pumpkin is the key ingredient that continuously steals the autumn spotlight. Naturally, this month’s cocktail is the perfect sip to savor this seasonal gorge in all its glory.

White Russians feature none other than star spirit vodka, a liquor that’s played a vital role in the Russian regime since the 19th century when it was first used as a main source of government revenue. While vodka as we know it today is devoted to the Russians (the 1982 international tribunal proved the spirit originated in Moscow), the origin of the White Russian belongs to Belgium, where it and its sans cream counterpart, Black Russian, were first crafted in 1949. The classic cocktail’s popularity, however, can be owed to the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, in which lead character Jeffrey “the Dude” Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) is seen downing them incessantly.

Because ‘tis the season for pumpkin everything, this month’s adult bev introduces a festive spin on the favorite original, replacing traditional half-and-half with pumpkin spiced cream. To complement its already smooth profile is awarding-winning NEFT Ultra Premium Vodka, a top-shelf splurge made with ancient, non-GMO rye grains farmed in lower Saxony and oxygen-rich spring water from the Alps of Austria. Distilled only once, NEFT Vodka delivers a slightly sweet and near-velvety finish that pairs well with the nutty hint of coffee liqueur in this basically grown-up version of a PSL. Bonus: Its one-of-a-kind barrel packaging is an ideal packer for a weekend getaway or bonfire hang (no breakage!) and keeps cold for over six hours once removed from the freezer.


In a mason jar, combine 1.75 oz NEFT ultra-premium vodka, .75 oz coffee liqueur, and .75 oz pumpkin-spiced cream. Gently stir, then garnish with pumpkin-spiced biscotti and a dash of cinnamon.


Jessica Toscano

Jessica Toscano is the founder of IntrigueMag, covering health and fitness, sex and relationships, and more.