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21 Halloween Face Masks for Safe and Easy Costumes

"2020 is Boo Sheet" anyway.

by Emily Cieslak Oct 14, 2020

Intimate couple in face masks
Images courtesy of Amazon/Edits by Jessica Toscano

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This year’s hottest Halloween costumes involve a mask. No, we’re not referencing the kinky kind (unless a mask that literally reads “kinky” interests you). We’re talking about your trusty cloth face mask, because do you really have a choice?

While face masks can often feel intrusive to everyday outfits, they perfect Halloween festivities, offering protection from COVID-19 while playing an important role in your freaky fit. And with the right cocktail, candy, and cult classic flick, this 31st can be as spooky or sexy (depending on your preference) as any Halloween. So forget trying to ace complicated face paint, and throw on one of these masks instead, because who knows? You might never again try to perfect fake blood. The pandemic has changed some things for the better, right?

1. Winifred Sanders Hocus Pocus Face Mask, $5

Winifred Sanders Face Mask

Have you always wanted to dress up as your favorite character from Hocus Pocus but could never master the makeup? With this bestselling Winifred Sanders mask from Etsy, there’s not much to it. Complete this look by styling your hair in a wild updo and throwing on a green cloak. Trust us, you’ll be getting double takes.

2. Pumpkin Smile Face Mask, $7.95