21 Halloween Face Masks for Safe and Easy Costumes

"2020 is Boo Sheet" anyway.

by Emily Cieslak Oct 14, 2020

Intimate couple in face masks
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This year’s hottest Halloween costumes involve a mask. No, we’re not referencing the kinky kind (unless a mask that literally reads “kinky” interests you). We’re talking your trusty cloth face mask, because do you really have a choice?

While face masks can often feel intrusive to everyday outfits, they perfect Halloween festivities, offering protection from COVID-19 while playing an important role in your freaky fit. And with the right cocktail, candy, and cult classic flick, this 31st can be as spooky or sexy (depending on your preference) as any Halloween. So forget trying to ace complicated face paint, and throw on one of these masks instead, because who knows? You might never again try to perfect fake blood. The pandemic has changed some things for the better, right?

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1. Winifred Sanders Hocus Pocus Face Mask, $5

Winifred Sanders Face Mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Have you always wanted to dress up as your favorite characters from Hocus Pocus but could never master the makeup? With this bestselling Winifred Sanders mask from Etsy, there’s not much to it. Complete this look by styling your hair in a wild updo and throwing on a green cloak. Trust us, you’ll be getting double takes.

2. Pumpkin Smile Face Mask, $7.95

Jack-O'-Lantern Face Mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Dressing up as a jack-o'-lantern has always been a last-minute go-to, and this year, a lantern face couldn’t be easier. Pair this simplistic piece with an orange t-shirt or hoodie, and you are literally done. Plus, this mask ships free on Etsy, saving you the time, gas money, and shipping costs you’d otherwise spend on a costume.

3. 2020 is Boo Sheet Face Mask, $8.25

Sequined face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

We’re calling this on-point mask the ghost of 2020 because, let’s be honest, this past year has been hellish for most of us. At least we can laugh about it (kind of) on the 31st with this mask’s play on words and hope a new moon or some magic will bring better months ahead.

4. Skull Painted Face Mask, $4.24+

Skull Face Mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Another oldie but a goodie, the skeleton costume is always a reliable classic. Screw decorating your face to resemble a skull; use this skeletal mask design instead, which is honestly much easier and probably more convincing anyway. Plus, the mask comes with a special pocket to insert filters if you have them. Safe and spooky? A total win-win.

5. Joe Exotic Face Mask, $13.99

Joe Exotic Face Mask
Courtesy of Etsy

To let this Halloween pass without a subtle nod to Tiger King--the reality show that gave us life at the start of the pandemic--would be a shame. Use this mask to portray your favorite Joe Exotic, whether it’s him in sequins, animal print or both. And definitely don’t forget to adorn his now-iconic baseball cap!

6. Tiger Face Mask, $7.92+

Tiger Face Mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Alternatively, if the show’s animals--not characters--won your vote (you’re not alone), dress as the furry creatures themselves. This mask is equipped with a nose wire, filter and adjustable elastic ear loops for extra comfort. You definitely own animal print from last Halloween to match.

7. Sequined Metallic Face Mask Three-Pack, $18.99

Sequined face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

What would a disco queen wear if she was grooving in 2020? An all-over sequined face mask, of course! This three-pack allows you to switch between gold, silver and black, depending on the mood of the night. Now, you finally have a reason to revive that metallic slip dress or jumpsuit from its quarantine.

8. Joker Face Mask, $18.99

Joker face mask
Courtesy of Amazon

Remember when people couldn’t stop talking about the Joker movie that released last October? That feels like ages ago. Transport yourself back to those simpler times with the Joker’s signature smile. Yes, you’ll need blue eyeshadow and green hair to complete this look, but at least with this character, the less perfect the application, the better.

9. Harley Quinn Face Mask, $18.35

Harley Quinn face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Need a couple’s costume? Pair this Harley Quinn face mask with the Joker one above. It’s the best compliment for your partner-in-crime.

10. Disposable Face Mask, $9.99

Disposable face masks
Courtesy of Amazon

We couldn’t write this article without including the most obvious costume choice, a nurse or doctor. Whether you don a traditional lab coat or a sexier version to match is up to you.

11. Mystique Face Mask, $13.86

Blue Mystique face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Does your closet consist of mostly blue garments? Then it’s time you shape shift into Mystique from the X-Men franchise. Extra points for rocking her signature red hair.

12. Spiderman Face Mask, $12.95

Spiderman face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

In the past, dressing up as Spiderman and donning a full body and face costume wasn’t for the faint of heart, but 2020 has made it so much easier with this spideresque mask design. Its polyester and spandex blend, cotton liner and pocket filter make it soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear for hours on end. Not to mention, Peter Parker would be proud of your protective measures.

13. Voldemort Face Mask, $15.29+

Voldemort face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Without completely reconfiguring your nose, dressing as Voldemort has always been tricky. But now that face masks are designed to cover your nose—thanks, CDC—Halloween 2020 is the perfect occasion to dress as your favorite Harry Potter villain. But first, a Voldemort meme-a-thon is in order.

14. Jack Sparrow Face Mask, $13.86

Jack Sparrow face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Maybe you no longer adorn your quarantine beard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still portray everyone’s favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Just allow a bandana from your latest collection to double as a head scarf and use your sketchy eyeliner skills to add a few black smudges above and below your lids, and your legit “woke up like this” look is complete.

15. Vampire Face Mask, $10.99

Sexy vampire face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Would it really be Halloween without a vampire costume? This sexy take is much more alluring than mastering a red lip and fangs. No smudges or teeth slipping out here.

16. Homer Simpson Balaclava, $22.99

Homer Simpson face mask
Courtesy of Amazon

Have you always wanted to dress as Homer Simpson but could never grow the beard, even during the stay-at-home order? This balaclava offers all the facial hair you’ll need plus Homer’s double chin. Just add that white polo and pair of jeans you haven’t worn since WFH.

17. Witch Face Mask, $13.86

Green witch face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Chances are you already own a witch’s hat from Halloween’s past, so why not resemble your favorite wicked witch from the East, sans green face paint, thanks to this already green mask?

18. Zombie Face Mask, $8

Zombie face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Don’t lie: At one point during this pandemic, you thought zombies would become a new reality. Though it hasn’t happened—yet—you can transform into one for Halloween with this freaky mask. Grab clothes from the laundry you’ve neglected to wash, and call yourself the “Zombie from 14 Days Later.”

19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Face Masks, $10.99 for one

Ninja Turtles face masks
Courtesy of Etsy

For all you ’90s kids out there, it’s time to relive your days of pop tarts for breakfast and lunchables for lunch with one of these four Ninja Turtles face masks. While you’re at it, enlist three buddies to join for a reunion that’s as turtle-y awesome as ever.

20. Darth Vader Face Mask, $8.55+

Darth Vader face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Darth Vader is another character that seems so much easier to pull off in 2020. Besides this mask, all you need to wear is head-to-toe black, a pair of shades and some patent leather touches.

21. Cat Face Mask, $16

Cute cat face mask
Courtesy of Etsy

Drawing on cat whiskers is harder than it looks, so forget the guesswork and buy this adorable face mask instead. Pair the cat ears you have tucked away and a sherpa jacket for a fuzzy feline touch.

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