2020 Gift Guide: Intrigue's 50 Holiday Favorites

If you like it, then you should definitely put a bow on it!

by Jessica Toscano Dec 10, 2020

Jessica Toscano/IntrigueMag

Whether you’re shopping last minute for the people in your life who you care most about or you’re on the hunt for a little something—or a lot of somethings—for yourself, we’ve pieced together the hottest in lifestyle luxuries from very necessary self-care goodies to must-have fitness essentials. It’s time to prep your credit and get to it.

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1. Beast Bathroom Elevation Set, $79.00

Courtesy of BEAST

Cut down on waste with this classy bathroom trio created with the planet in mind. The vegan in your life will thank you with this brand’s reusable packaging, cruelty-free (and multipurpose!) formulas, and of course, vegan ingredients.

2. The Ultimate Game for Couples Card Game, $24.99

Courtesy of Amazon

If your other half enjoys a challenge, throw some gift wrap on this bold game for couples. Play just you and bae or challenge another duo to intimate questions and fun dares to discover which couple knows their partner best.

3. Hyascent Bliss Me Gift Set, $234

Courtesy of Hyascent

Boost their mood with this easy-to-use aromatherapy set, equipped with a year’s supply of fragrance and a coaster to host the diffuser’s elegant design.

4. NewMe Fitness and Nutrition Journal, $14.99

Courtesy of Amazon

Whether they’re just getting into fitness or have been at it for years, this fitness and nutrition journal allows them to set goals and achieve them.

5. Wandering Bear Cold Brew Homebrew Kit, $49.99

Courtesy of Wandering Bear

They never again have to leave their home for cold brew with this at-home kit, equipped with a bag of extra strong coffee, because 2020.

6. Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Night Serum, $89

Courtesy of Adonia Organics

Who wouldn’t love a hydrating serum that increases skin’s elasticity and lessens the appearance of wrinkles overnight? Oh, right. No one. Even better, this one is free of harsh ingredients, making it ideal to use no matter the temperature.

7. Public Goods Lavender & Vanilla Scented Candle, $5.95

Courtesy of Public Goods

This vegan candle is a soothing addition to any dinner table, bath ledge, or nightstand, making it the ideal unwrap for anyone wishing to unwind.

8. BuildLife 1 Gallon Water Bottle, $14.96

Courtesy of Amazon

Water enthusiasts who need a little help meeting their daily intake will adore the achievable markers outlined for them on this water jug that holds up to one gallon!

9. Pipcorn Holiday Truffle Pack, $24

Courtesy of Pipcorn

Any host will fan over this Pipcorn trio six-pack with great flavor, good-for-you ingredients, and sustainable practices.

10. Way of Will Refresh 100% Natural Body Wash, $14.99

Courtesy of Way of Will

The essential oil fan in your life will dig this skin-loving body wash that radiates the skin and invigorates the senses.

11. Lip Freak Buzzing Lip Balm, $4.95

Courtesy of Doctor Lip Bang's

Stocking stuff this tingly lip balm and ask your S/O to guess where on them your “buzzing” lips are going to land. That’s their real present.

12. USAGA Head Massager Scalp Scratcher, $9.89

Courtesy of Amazon

This near-zero effort scalp massager will relax anyone after a few strokes.

13. FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, $24.99

Courtesy of Amazon

This Bluetooth scale not only determines weight but, when paired with a smart phone's health app on a smartphone, also measures other important figures like body fat percentage, water weight, muscle mass and more, making it the ideal present for the fitness enthusiast you know and love.

14. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler, $28.00

Courtesy of Amazon

Four coffees of your choosing from Seattle’s 23 top, small batch-roasters will surely perk up the caffeine addict in your life.

15. LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, $20.99

Courtesy of Amazon

Nothing shows you care about their rest quite like high-quality silk.

16. Position of the Day Playbook By Nerve.com, $12.95

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Make nights at home with your adventurous boo more interesting with the gift of sexploration aka this book of 365 sex positions.

17. Syntus HM065 Himalayan Salt Night Light, $13.99

Courtesy of Amazon

This night glow offers both room ambiance and cleaner air flow during heated winter nights.

18. Bindle Bottle 20 oz, $39

Courtesy of Amazon

Gym-goer minimalists will love this reusable water bottle’s secret compartment for essentials.

19. The Art of Mixology: Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions, $14.39

Courtesy of Amazon

With this book, they can become a mixology master in their free time. Everyone will thank you for this one.

20. AmazeFan Bath Pillow, $33.99

Courtesy of Amazon

Elevate a loved one’s bath experience with this antibacterial spa pillow, designed to support both their neck and shoulders while they relax in the tub.

21. Lelo Lyla 2, $159

Courtesy of LELO

This gift is for you as much as it’s for bae. One party controls the remote ~simply by moving~ (think strip-teasing) while the other vibrates to the brink of pleasure. Get ready to "shake, shake, shake, shake, a-shake it."

22. The 420 Gourmet (Autographed) Cookbook, $29.99

Courtesy of Jeff the 420 Chef

For the person in your life who lives in a 420-friendly state: This cannabis cookbook brings easy-to-make marijuana recipes to life.

23. Solana Yoga Mat 1/2" Thick, $18.99

Courtesy of Retrospec

Whether they’re into fitness routines or a form of meditation, this yoga mat is prepared to house it all. Plus, it’s available in 19 shades.

24. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, $114.95

Courtesy of Amazon

Never let your giftee’s coffee go cold again with this only of its kind temperature control smart mug that stays warm 1.5 hours on a single charge or all day with its charging coaster.

25. Kopari Frosty Kiss Kit, $18

Courtesy of Kopari

Soften both your pout and another’s with this lip kit duo conceived for you and the person of your choosing. Both clear, ultra-hydrating, and non-sticky formulas are ideal for holiday sipping and mistletoe kissing.

26. BoBoLing 2Pcs Housework Distribution Dice, $2.99

Courtesy of Amazon

This sneaky gag gift is actually a sure way to make household chores more fun (and fair) for you and the roomie (or whomever). You’re welcome.

27. Foria Wellness Tonic with CBD, $72

Courtesy of FORIA Wellness

Help a loved one de-stress from the hell that has been 2020 with the calming effects of CBD.

28. Los Cactus Boxing Gloves, $250

These one-of-a-kind boxing gloves are manufactured from cactus leather—currently, one of the most realistic synthetic leathers on the market. Need we say more?

29. Mixology Bartender Kit, $69.99

Courtesy of Amazon

Gift them a whole damn mixology kit, because who hasn’t tested their bartender skills at least once this year?

30. Taos AER Mini Deodorant, $12/each

Courtesy of Taos AER

Stuff stockings with one or all three of these long-lasting, clean deodorant minis, free of aluminum, parabens, and animal cruelty.

31. Sex Position Coloring Book by the Editors of Hollan Publishing, $15.95

Courtesy of Amazon

If your adventurous babe also happens to be creative as f*ck, this adult coloring book of sex positions might just be the best gift ever.

32. Vivreal Handheld Back Massager, $39.99

Courtesy of Amazon

With six modes and interchangeable nodes, this is a cheap yet effective way to gift a socially distanced massage.

33. SWAIR Showerless Shampoo 2 oz, $14

Courtesy of SWAIR

Give the gift of greaseless hair sans residue and suds with this showerless shampoo, ideal for fitness junkies and outdoor enthusiasts whose post-workout mane could use a little pick-me-up.

34. The Original SUDSKI Portable Shower Drink Holder, $15.99

Courtesy of Amazon

Any cocktail or soda lover will appreciate this silicone can holder that slips off just as quickly as it suctions on, making bath and shower sipping easy anywhere.

35. Adonia Organics Daily Cleansing Gel, $25

Courtesy of Adonia Organics

This gentle cleanser, free of sulfates and surfactants, contains 14 organic, anti-aging oils that effectively clean without lash or brow loss.

36. ViewSonic 3600 Lumens WXGA High Brightness Projector, $379.99

Courtesy of Amazon

Take Netflix and chill to the next level with this projector, a literal picture-perfect idea for a night under the stars.

37. Jet&Bo 100% Pure Cashmere Travel Set, $360

Courtesy of Amazon

This luxurious cashmere set—including a blanket, socks, eye mask and carry case—is a traveler’s companion, fit for luggage or transportation.

38. Manduka Yoga Mat Wash and Refresh, $13

Courtesy of Manduka

If this someone you’re shopping for owns a fitness or yoga mat, this natural mat cleaner will surely refresh their mood. A few spritz a day will keep the dirt and bacteria away!

39. Wine Condoms, $14.97 for a set of 6

Courtesy of Amazon

Because corks are confusing and toppers aren’t flexible, anyone who loves wine will love you for gifting these six reusable rubbers that prevent spillage in all bottle positions.

40. Way of Will Natural Deodorant, $12.75

Courtesy of Way of Will

For those with the utmost sensitive skin, gift this vanilla and mint scented creamy combo of shea butter, coconut oil, and arrowroot powder to keep them smelling fresh and feeling smooth.

41. Exsens Coco Shea Body Oil & Intimate Moisturizer, $19

Courtesy of Exsens

A little Coco goes a long way with this silky intimate moisturizer, perfect for solo play, couple play, or as an everyday skin hydrator.

42. Aquasonic Duo Pro Dual Handle Ultra Whitening Electric Toothbrushes, $79.99

Courtesy of Target

The high-class duo in your life deserves this extravagant pair of electronic toothbrushes that'll look decadent in their bathroom.

43. 12-Hour Black Refillable Hand Warmer, $22.95

Courtesy of Zippo

Who doesn’t need a hand warmer in the winter? This refillable Zippo is perfect for commuters, runners, and outdoor workers alike.

44. Topbooc Portable Stainless Steel Flatware Set, $13.99

Courtesy of Amazon

Portable silverware (equipped with cleaning utensils!) means zero cutlery waste and a very happy giftee.

45. Czech & Speake Manicure Set, $585

Coutresy of Czech & Speake

Give the gift of a luxurious nail grooming kit, equipped with eight hand-crafted tools that are coated in Teflon to increase durability and repel dirt and bacteria. Not to mention, this set comes in a sleek carrying case—an award-winning design—that makes it ideal for travel.

46. “The One Where We Quarantined” Ornament, $9

Courtesy of Rubi and Lib

Friends fans and couples who were tested by the stay-at-home order: You need to gift this to babe because congrats, you two made it!

47. Friendship Lamps, $170 for a set of 2

Courtesy of Amazon

Staying in contact has never been so important. Show someone you’re thinking of them with the touch of a lamp. Buy two of these—one for you and the other to gift—and tap yours to ignite its counterpart whenever you want its owner to know they crossed your mind.

48. FOCL Relief Cream, $59

Courtesy of FOCL

Gift the power of CBD meets menthol with this soothing topical that immediately helps sore muscles recover.

49. Knock Knock All Out Of Grocery Checklist, $8.10

Courtesy of Amazon

Never again will they forget eggs, milk, bread, or you for this thoughtful ~and necessary~ stocking stuffer.

50. Tim & Tina Silk Sleep Mask, $9.99

Courtesy of Amazon

Whether they’re at home or away, a silk eye mask will help them achieve a better and more luxurious night’s rest.

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