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6 Sexy Dance Classes to Stream Right Now

And perform in the bedroom later.

by Emily Cieslak Sep 7, 2020

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At the start of quarantine, sexy was the last thing I felt. As state governors continued to evaluate and reevaluate stay-at-home orders to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, many of us—myself included—fell into everyday sweats, unkempt hair, and razor-less weeks for what seemed like all 12 months of 2020.

And while yes, you can still find me in lazy attire from time to time in today’s new normal, I finally feel like I have a pep back in my step, and that I owe to virtual sexy dance class.

In mid-May, I came across Bedography, just one of the many virtual offerings of New York City dance studio SassClass. In my groutfit, I read the class’s inviting description and snickered at its recommendation to wear lingerie (I don’t even apply makeup for my virtual work meetings). Then I entered the class’s Zoom sesh, where I was greeted by silk robes and pajamas, and my plan to keep my webcam off was thwarted.   

“By having your camera on, you still feel like you are getting that rush of nervousness and excitement of performing,” says Julia Sokol, the founder and CEO of SassClass. When the government mandated the studio to temporarily close its physical doors, Sokol offered classes online and incorporated “props” that wouldn’t otherwise be used in person. “I wanted to take advantage of the fact that we [were] home instead of making it a limitation,” she says. “We wouldn’t be able to have 20 beds in a studio.’’

Bedography is based on one of their most popular offerings, "Flirty Floorwork," but is done completely on a bed rather than the floor. Even if you live in the tiniest of apartments, an available bed or couch makes this class doable and a fun spin on your at-home dance routine.

Though I have tried many virtual workouts and dance classes throughout the years, Bedography was the first to make me feel sexy as we winded, grinded, and twerked. By its end, I definitely rediscovered my glow and groove.

If you’re also looking to reignite your glow or simply switch up your workout routine, trust the heat of a sexy dance class.

Alas, we bring you our top picks for tantalizing virtual routines.

1. SassClass, $12 for a single class, $32 for one week unlimited, and $199+ for a virtual dance video program

Besides Bedography, SassClass offers a range of courses like Sexy Stilettos, Neo-Burlesque, and Fierce Feminine Hip Hop. You can sign up for a single class with an unlimited number of participants, or a more intimate two weeks-long program that

culminates in recording a group video, either virtually or outdoors if you’re in the New

York City area. Best of all, you leave with a professional video of your routine to share

on social media. “I know for myself that when I take a dance class, I want something to show for it,” says Sokol.

2. DivaDance, $29 for a weekly pass (limited-time)

Let’s be real: Sometimes you are in the mood to dance for hours, and this mood often comes out of nowhere. If that resonates, DivaDance has the class for you. They offer several booty-shaking sessions a day, and each week follows a different theme, ranging from "Bad Boys" to "Queens of the Screen." Members can watch unlimited classes without having to sign up for each one. Just drop in whenever you have the time.

3. VXN Workout, $39.99 for a monthly membership

Have you ever taken a dance class where the instructor taught so fast that you got lost and gave up? With VXN Workout, you'll never again miss a move. Choose from their selection of videos for a breakdown of hip swings, chest pops, and thigh shakes. Once you get the techniques down, join the Miami-based studio’s live classes and workout videos for sultry routines to today’s hip-hop hits. The videos' neon lights and bass-pumping music will make you feel like you are back in the club.

4. Foxy Fitness and Pole, $20-$25 for a single class

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to lap dance or master twerking, now’s your chance. New York City dance studio Foxy Fitness offers virtual chair dance lessons and twerking choreography that'll make you feel like a pro after just one lesson. And let’s just say you happen to have a stripper pole in your home, Foxy’s beginner and advanced pole sessions let you master your skills.

5. Barre Groove, $6 for a single class or $25 for a monthly pass

So, you already binged every episode of Cheer. Now, it’s time to get off the couch and join former NFL cheerleader Alanna Perry as she shows off her techniques through Boston-based fitness studio Barre Groove. Jump, stomp, and swing your arms to a choreographed dance routine in her virtual Pom classes. If you happen to lack the weighted pom poms offered by the studio’s in-person classes, just grab a pair of water bottles and pretend you are challenging Kristen Dunst from Bring it On. If cheerleading isn’t high enough energy for you, you can also take Perry’s trampoline bounce class, where you exert all your strength on a personal trampoline. Stay tuned for their upcoming heels workshop, or try their barre and sculpt classes to stay toned between dance sessions.

6. StripXpertease, $9.95 per month

Still figuring out what your new post-quarantine skill will be? Consider StripXpertease. For less than $10 a month, you gain access to more than 150 videos that span lap dances, floor work, chair dances, and stripteases. They also offer a free 14-day trial if you want to test their sultry moves before fronting the cash. The number one reason to start, according to founder Kimberly Smith, is confidence. Now, that’s a skill anyone could use!


Emily Cieslak

Emily Cieslak's work has been published in The Knot, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, The Philadelphia Citizen, Deux Hommes, Twelv Magazine and Amazing Magazine.

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