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7 Best Lubes for Masturbation, According to Sexperts

Time to get handsy!

by Emily Cieslak Sep 7, 2020

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Scott Sanker (left); Taras Chernus (right)

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When you can’t play with others, you can always play with yourself. Whether you are single or social distancing, now is the perfect time to invest in some self-exploration. To get the most out of your solo sesh, consider adding lube. Studies show that the slick stuff reduces friction and maximizes pleasure for both vagina- and penis-havers.

If you’re new to the world of lube, finding the right one can be surprisingly tricky. You definitely want to check ingredients before making a purchase, Carolanne Marcantonio, LMSW, SIFI, a Brooklyn-based certified sex therapist, tells Intrigue. Common additives like parabens and glycols have been linked to allergic reactions and infections.

To potentially avoid irritation, Candice Smith, sex educator and co-founder of sex-based subscription service Tango, recommends formulas with ingredients that are few, familiar, and easy to pronounce. “The more hard-to-pronounce words there are in a particular product, the higher the likelihood that it is highly processed,” she says, although she adds that this isn’t always the case. To be sure of each ingredient and how it can react with your body, she recommends researching it.

But we also get that you may not have the time to search through hundreds of ingredients for the possible lube of your life. To give you more time to play, we simplified your search by asking the sexperts themselves.

Here, we offer seven body-loving lubes that’ll change your masturbation game for good.

1. Sliquid Sassy, $8

Sliquid Sassy lubricant

Water-based lube is your most versatile option if you’re looking for something that’s safe to pair with silicone toys and *all* condom materials. While most water-based options require reapplication to keep things gliding, Marcantonio swears that’s not the case with Sliquid Sassy. Additional plant cellulose creates an ultra-thick consistency, which makes it long-lasting and perfect for anal play, she says.