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7 Sleep Upgrades You Need ASAP

Sleep sanctuary > quarantine office.

by Jessica Toscano August 25, 2021

Woman in bed
Pluto Pillow

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After spending all of quarantine in your bedroom, it’s no surprise if you look at your space a little differently. Especially if you’re part of the 72% of 1,000 individuals whose bed doubled as an office desk (maybe it still does?), per a survey by Tuck. While WFB may have led to some seriously cool transitions (like this dope Home Office Lap Desk), it’s time you dabbled in some non-work-related upgrades that feel luxurious and help you snooze.

Here are some of our faves, which include *gasp* customizable options!

1. Pluto Pillow, $95+

PLUTO custom-build pillow
Pluto Pillow

How many times have you purchased seemingly comfy pillows you haven’t actually slept on only to find out they don’t offer the support you need? With this customizable pillow — as in the only one like it — you’ll never again worry about sleep woes or inconvenient returns (you get 100 risk-free nights to test your custom build). Seriously. Just fill out their short questionnaire to determine which of their over 35 material variations can assist with shoulder aches, night sweats, and back pain. If after 100 nights (or your first) you never again want to leave your bed, sorry not sorry.

2. Molecule Sateen 6PC Sheet Set, $119+


If you ever wondered what it’s like to sleep between clouds, this sheet set is it. Its silk-like touch and sweat-wicking properties (thanks to TENCEL materials aka rayon, the breathable fabric that also happens to be sustainable) means never tossing and turning during warmer climates. If wrinkled sheets a