Spice Up Your Labor Day with These Affordable Cocktails

A sure way to keep your spirits high and budgets low.

by Nathan Reilly Sep 7, 2020

Patriotic cocktails
Courtesy of Beautiful Booze

As one of the top 10 booziest holidays of the year and the last officially-recognized festivity of the summer, it’s only fair that you want to celebrate Labor Day with occasion-appropriate cocktails. But alcohol can be a bit pricey, especially if you buy in bulk, and we don’t blame you if you want to save the top-shelf vodka for yourself.

Behold, seven cheap cocktails to keep your budget low and spirits high.

1. Orange Sherbet Mimosa Punch

Orange sherbet cocktail
Courtesy of Joy Wilson/Liquor.com

If you plan to start drinking early, mimosas are a brunch staple and can be made in a pinch whenever you want to add a little kick to your morning OJ. And with the right purchase choice, champagne or sparkling wine can be one of the most affordable options on the market. This recipe offers a twist to this breakfast classic with a little extra sweetness by replacing OJ with orange sherbet. But if sherbet isn’t your thing, you can always swap for sorbet (which differs from sherbet), orange ice cream, or even a Creamsicle®, especially if it's an Instaworthy snapshot you want.

2. Festive Frozen Berry Lemonade

Festive cocktails
Courtesy of Beautiful Booze

Using Smirnoff Red, White, and Berry vodka, this drink is a sure patriotic w