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Cocktail of the Month: 'Buzz Brew'

The novel way to enjoy THC.

by Jessica Toscano April 3, 2021

THC-infused coffee mocktail
Employees Only LA for ALT

CBD beverages had their moment after the non-psychoactive cannabinoid was first approved for distribution by the 2018 Farm Bill. As 420 approaches — and more states legalize recreational marijuana — it’s time to make way for its buzz-inducing counterpart, THC. Allow cannabis mocktails to dominate the way you sip, starting with our April Cocktail of the Month, 420 Edition.

From pain relief and anxiety reduction to its ability to halt nausea, cannabis has been proven medicinal, even therapeutic, when consumed. In fact, cannabis’ chill and even *magical* reputation could explain the 40% increase in cannabis-infused beverages within the last year. Its relaxation effects were even a strong talking point during Dry January, a 31-day sobriety challenge, for THC beverage companies looking to promote their brand. And if you’re all too familiar with replacing booze for bud, consider going “California sober.”

Despite its deceptive moniker, you don’t have to live in Cali to enjoy this unorthodox sobriety lifestyle. The movement — with its current undefined origin — can be legally practiced anywhere in the US where recreational cannabis is permitted, given you’re at least 21 in age. While literature on this way of living is hardly existent, the Urban Dictionary defines it as abstinence from alcohol and drugs except for weed and, depending on the individual, psychedelics.

For the cannabis enthusiast, we present marijuana mixology: With thanks from Employees Only LA for this Buzz Brew recipe, we bestow the ultimate THC beverage enhancer and this mocktail’s star ingredient, ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology). Whether you’re a master in the art of cannabis infusions or a genius at mixing liquids, this calm-inducing additive is the first of its kind, relying on pharmaceutical-grade nanotechnology for immediate THC absorption into the bloodstream.

ALT Liquid Cannabis

“We wanted to provide consumers with a product that was reliable, fast-acting, and easy to dose,” Robert B. Davis, ALT co-founder, tells Intrigue. “The nanoemulsion process — where the oil-based particle size of the cannabis is decreased to make a water-soluble liquid — offers unparalleled bioavailability. This means the body can more easily absorb ALT than oil-based products, like tinctures and edibles, so you'll feel the euphoric effects in as little as 10 minutes."

Distributed in 5 mg- and 10 mg-glass vials, with pre-measured milligram markings (experts recommend starting with a 2 mg dosage), you can accu