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Cocktail of the Month: Calidad Beer 'Calidad Michelada'

The clever revamp of a classic brunch staple.

by Jessica Toscano Feb 2, 2021

Calidad Beer 'Calidad Michelada" beer cocktail
Calidad Beer

Super Bowl LV might not call for tailgating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix yourself a cocktail that pairs just as well with morning breakfast as it does with snacks prepared for the evening’s big game. Even if beer — the most popular booze choice for this NFL festivity — isn’t your usual go-to, this month’s concoction is one that beer and non-beer lovers alike can get behind.

Created by former professional baseball player Adrián González, this Bloody Mary revision — with soy, Worcestershire, and hot sauces — packs the same heat as the original brunch classic, joined with the light and crisp lager of Calidad beer. Unlike its vodka counterpart, its addition of lime juice and chili lime salt rim enhances the flavors of chilis and bean dips, while its inclusion of tomato juice pairs well with club sandwiches, hot dogs, and all kinds of pasta. If you’re starting your Sunday early, consider whipping up egg-based variations with a side of home fries, bacon, and pickled veggies (olives are always a good place to start!).

Go, fight, win!


Using a lime wedge, moisten the rim of a pint, then dip and swivel the tip of the glass into a small bowl of chili lime salt. Next, fill ⅓ of your glass with tomato juice. Add 2 splashes soy sauce, 2 splashes Worcestershire sauce, 2 splashes hot sauce, and the juice from 1 lime. Top off with an ice-cold Calidad beer.


Jessica Toscano

Jessica Toscano is the founder of IntrigueMag, covering health and fitness, sex and relationships, and more.

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