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22 Relatable Memes if You’re Single AF This Holiday Season

Being single over the holidays can be rough.

by Reem Khaleel Dec 24, 2022

Reem Khaleel/IntrigueMag

Being single throughout the year often feels very freeing. You go about your daily routine, your schedule often changing as you please, not having to take into account a significant other’s needs. You might have small reminders about your single status from time to time, but overall, your life as a me, not a we, is pretty easy to live through.

Then, November rolls around. Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, you suddenly find yourself inundated with reminders that you are, well, all alone. This reminder can come from well-meaning friends or family, or it can creep in after seeing other couples and realizing a partner is what's missing from your life. The best way to sum up the feeling of being single during the holidays? One word: brutal.

This year, instead of pitying yourself for cooking for a party of one, embrace your single status through and through, regardless of whether you're showing up to your aunt's sans a plus one or tonguing mozz sticks instead of a drunken babe when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. If you’re single AF this holiday season, here are 22 relatable memes to remind you you’re not alone. Cheers to you!

1. Explaining to your extended family that you’re still single because you’re happy being a total homebody.

2. A ticking time bomb is suddenly put on you to find a significant other by your family.

3. Hanging out with your friends at a holiday party turns into abandonment because you’re the only one without a date.