Mocktail of the Month: Ritual Zero Proof ‘Heat Wave’

Dry January = Thirsty Thursday fun - Friday morning hell.

by Jessica Toscano Jan 3, 2021

Ritual Zero Proof

As much as we at Intrigue love a good cocktail, this month we’ve decided to ditch the booze and offer an alcohol alternative that’ll aid anyone on their liquor-less journey, especially if you’re participating in Dry January—a 31-day sobriety challenge started in 2013 by alcohol education charity Alcohol Change UK.

Unlike most fad diets and detoxes, this month-long liquor-less tradition is one that’s super beneficial from the get-go, offering myriad benefits from sexier skin to a better night’s sleep, and can even help set the tone for the New Year as we begin to break away from all that is 2020 (aka lots of quarantinis). If, like us, you’re ready to ditch the booze and initiate a fresh start for your liver, begin with this spicy margarita mocktail*, sure to keep you heated throughout the duration of this winter season.

Its tart, sweet and spicy combo is one we promise won’t hit like any margarita mixture you’ve ever tasted. Not to mention, it’s an ideal pairing with winter dishes like chili and a perfect addition to Mexican favorites like Taco Tuesday. And since it’s incredibly low-cal (as in Tequila Alternative, the literal main ingredient, is zero calories per serving), you can sip guilt-free, with the promise of no morning-after hangover. Raise a glass—or three—to that!


In a shaker, pour 2 oz Tequila Alternative over half a jalapeño, sliced lengthwise, and one basil leaf. Allow ingredients to blend for about 15 minutes at room temperature. The longer the wait, the spicier the combo. Follow with 1 oz fresh lime juice, 1 oz orange juice, .5 oz agave and ice. Shake and pour over ice into a glass rimmed with Tajin or Valentina Seasoning.

*Recipe slightly adapted from Ritual Zero Proof.

Jessica Toscano

Jessica Toscano is the founder of IntrigueMag, covering health and fitness, sex and relationships, and more.

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