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Sober Curious? Every Alcohol-free Bev That Should Be on Your Radar

Improved cognition + more restful slumber + better sex? Yes, please!

by Reem Khaleel March 14, 2023

Person holding mocktail

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If you’ve been imbibing less or not at all for the greater good of your mind and body, welcome to the sober curious club. The concept of breaking from booze to achieve a higher level of wellness — including improved cognition, more restful slumber, and better sex — is nothing new (the movement kicked off in 2018 with Ruby Warrington's non-fiction title Sober Curious, which discusses the global phenomenon of re-evaluating alcohol use during social engagements). But unlike previous years, alcohol sales are on the decline as more alcohol alternative brands hit the market, and for the simple fact that people just don't want to consume alcohol like they used to, according to 56% of 1,000 Americans surveyed by NCSolutions.

What's more, alcohol alternative brands have taken creative approaches to make their beverages more appealing, often featuring calming adaptogens, soothing hemp, and memory-enhancing nootropics, so not imbibing is just as pleasurable and more beneficial than downing a few brews. Many brands even offer alcohol-free spins on cocktail classics that are low in calories and contain zero sugar, so you can enjoy the great taste of your favorite go-to's sans high-caloric intakes, artificial sweeteners, and morning-after hangxiety.

Whether you're choosing to break from booze for health benefits or simply because you don't want to drink, here’s every alcohol-free beverage to reach for when the mood to not consume strikes.

Mango margarita mocktail

If you love a bold taste, NOPE’s line of 0% alcohol cocktails features four premium cocktail combinations with profound notes of strawberry, mango, ginger, or rosemary, depending on which vibrant flavor you swig. Their Mango Margarita with Jalapeño matches the spicy zing of jalepeño with the refreshing juiciness of mango for a unique combo that packs surprising heat. At under 100 calories per can, you can enjoy all four cocktail flavors guilt-free.

Bubbly, alcohol-free wines

Jøyus’ award-winning Sparkling Wine and Sparkling Rosé bundle is the perfect date night duo, thanks to its classy, sleek bottle design. Both blends come crisp and balanced — not overly sweet — shining little difference between this alcohol-free bubbly and the real deal. At just 30 calories a glass, it’s hard to feel anything but joyous.

3. Partake Brewing Hazy IPA, $29.99 (12-pack)

Non-alcoholic beer

Partake Brewing’s Hazy IPA is low-calorie (25 calories), low-carb (4 grams), sugar-free (0 grams), and less bitter than your typical IPA. A blend of apricot, mango, and berries creates a delectably smooth finish for an alcohol-free beer that’s generously dry-hopped. For a limited time, pair this special edition with a loaded chicken, veggie, or beef burger for the perfect addition to your weekend barbecue spread.

4. FREE AF VØD%A Spritz, $39 (12-pack)

Vodka spritz alcohol-free cocktail

FREE AF's booze-free, sugar-free alternatives to classic cocktails are enhanced with their signature 100% natural botanical extract, Afterglow™ to mimic the pleasant warmth of alcohol, so you never again feel like you’re missing out. Their VØD%A Spritz is a 5-calorie variation on a vodka soda that combines the zesty tang of lime with the sweetness of passion fruit for a tonic concoction unlike any other.

Hemp-infused, alcohol-free margarita

Margarita Monday isn’t just for tequila lovers. Recess recently brought back their limited-edition Zero-proof “Margarita,” a non-alcoholic version made with limes and agave (like the real deal) and infused with hemp and adaptogens for legit calm (not the faux alcohol-induced kind). Since zero alcohol means zero hangovers, sip on Margarita Monday and again on Taco Tuesday.

6. Kin Euphorics Kin Spritz, $39 (8-pack)

Adaptogen-infused beverage
Kin Euphorics

Co-founded by supermodel Bella Hadid, Kin Euphorics features buzzy adaptogens to induce calm, nootropics to support brain cognition, and botanics to elevate the taste. Notes of ginger and hibiscus add bursts of flavor to their Kin Spritz, a mildly caffeinated bev worthy of becoming your next midday pick-me-up.

Alcohol-free beer
Athletic Brewing Co.

Satisfy your tastebuds and give back to the community with the Athletic Brewing Co. Trailblazer Hoppy Helles. With every purchase of this limited-edition brew, the company donates 100% of proceeds to support women and non-binary entrepreneurs like Ladies Who Launch, a non-profit founded to help both communities sustain and scale their small businesses.

8. Pulp Culture Hustle, $13.99 (4-pack)

Hard-pressed juice
PULP Culture

Although this blend isn't technically alcohol-free, it's perfect for the sober curious who occasionally imbibe. Infused with adaptogenic teas, herbal infusions, and super mushrooms, this wild fermented cold-pressed juice is the adult equivalent of what you might find at your local juice bar. At just 100 calories a pop and made with zero sugar or sweeteners, PULP Culture delivers a guilt-free buzz with the promise of no morning-after hangover. Hustle’s signature concoction includes ginger to aid in digestion, turmeric to reduce inflammation, and passionfruit for heart health.

Mimosa alcohol alternative
Mingle Mocktails

Make all your Sunday brunch dreams come true with Mingle Mocktails’ Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa. This bubbly, non-alcoholic variation of the brunch staple is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next get-together, a table upgrade from breakfast basics to social celebration.

10. Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit, $29.99 (12-pack)

Sparkling grapefruit mixer
Betty Buzz

Founded by actress Blake Lively, Betty Buzz is the ultimate mixer, available in five flavors that make a delicious base for all your mocktail needs. Their Sparkling Grapefruit adds a tangy citrus flair to zero-proof pairings, but it can also be sipped on its own as a flavorful (real juice) soda alternative. Entertaining a crowd of cocktail drinkers? Pair with your guests’ favorite spirits for refreshing summer blends worthy of buzz.

11. Jeng Hemp-infused Paloma, $20 (4-pack)

Alcohol-free, hemp-infused cocktail

With CBD in the spotlight, Jeng made sure to incorporate it when they replicated three alcoholic classics (paloma, gin and tonic, and Moscow mule) sans booze. Snag their hemp-infused Paloma for the tart taste of grapefruit you know and love combined with rosemary and juniper berries for the perfect bittersweet bev. [Editor's note: Pair this booze-free paloma with lobster for an unexpected combo that’s otherworldly.]

12. TÖST and TÖST Rosé, $48 (6 bottles)

Sparkling white teas

Forget champagne and sparkling wine alternatives. Toast your next celebration with the TÖST combo pack that’s half TÖST and half TÖST Rosé. Both sparkling bevs feature unique, white tea flavor combinations that are as equally dry as they are refreshing. Whether it be a casual birthday bash or a fancy anniversary party, this duo is sure to add elegance to any table.

13. CANN Lemon Lavender, $24.95 (6-pack)

Social tonic

Let us introduce your new go-to social tonic: CANN. What exactly is a social tonic, you ask? A bubbly, cannabis-infused drink that’s sure to become a party favorite for its great taste and chill effect. Their Lemon Lavender contains both THC and CBD to loosen your inhibitions sans the morning-after hangover.


Reem Khaleel is the Editorial Assistant at IntrigueMag and a writer from the Maldives who escapes into fictional worlds by writing her own YA rom-com novels. In addition to IntrigueMag, her writing has been featured on CBR.

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