Cocktail of the Month: KFC's 'The Southern Twist'

"It's all gravy, baby."

by Jessica Toscano Nov 2, 2020

Courtesy of KFC

This November, you’re in for a smooth ride on the gravy train with one of many Kentucky Fried Chicken originals: The Southern Twist cocktail. In 2018, the food franchise presented three concoctions to their already quirky novelties collection (see: KFC-scented candles and chicken flavored edible nail polish), featuring finger lickin’ good star ingredient gravy.

While gravy cocktails are nothing new, the KFC trio is possibly the most discussed of gravy-based blends, and for good reason. The Southern Twist, with its interesting mixture of bourbon and gravy, is a rather simple combo, consisting of just five ingredients, two of which are used to rim your glass. Delivering just a hint of spice, this sweet and salty mixture pairs well with similarly flavored palettes.

Compliment the drink’s sweet notes with choices like chocolate and berries or contrast with smoky or savory foods like Spanish chorizo and rotisserie chicken. If you really want to enhance your taste buds, introduce The Southern Twist to your Thanksgiving dinner. Happy gravy, err, turkey season!


In a small bowl, combine dried parsley and brown sugar. Using a lemon half, coat the rim of a rocks glass, then dip it into the combo for a kick of spice with each sip. Pour in 1.5 oz bourbon, 2 oz warmed gravy (extra points for KFC gravy), stir and top with ground black pepper.

Jessica Toscano

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