Ghost Tequila Wants to Help You Ghost Your Valentine -- Here's How

Enter their #GetGhosted Instagram contest for the chance to become the lucky winner with one soon-to-be unlucky ex.

by Jessica Toscano Feb 11, 2021

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Brooke Cagle

If before Valentine's Day you’re looking for an epic way to finally tell that certain someone “It’s over,” Ghost Tequila has you covered. Now until Feb. 14, you can enter their Instagram contest for a chance to win a personalized breakup video from one of their secret celebrities who takes care of the soon-to-be ex-factor while you have the pleasure of ghosting. No dragged out conversations, overly-romanticized evenings, or dropping a ton of cash on someone you’re not even that into!

To enter, all you have to do is reply to their Instagram story (you’ll know it’s the right one when a submission box pops up) with who you want to ghost and why. From there, Ghost Tequila will choose a “handful” of winners based on the answers they receive and announce them by sharing winning entry submissions on their story. If you’re one of the lucky chosen, all you have to do is plan your exit strategy (i.e. posting the video to social or sending it to your ghostee directly), and Ghost Tequila will take care of the rest. Oh, and no need to worry about anyone ever finding out about this not-so-subtle breakup because Ghost Tequila will keep usernames anonymous. And if you're cool with it, they'll even share your celebrity breakup video to their social.

Ghost Tequila

If you feel a tad guilty about this ordeal, might we suggest you don't? Sure, finalizing the end of a relationship yourself might seem like the more “adult” thing to do, but there are countless scenarios where ghosting is more than appropriate—say, when you’re plain ol’ tired of a situationship that never evolved, despite the taking-things-to-the-next-level talk. Besides, 7 percent of over 1,200 Americans surveyed by YouGov Omnibus said they’ve broken up with a partner on V-Day before, so you’re not alone. If anything, consider this ghosting responsibly.