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17 Wellness Gifts for the Favorite People in Your Life

Spread the holiday cheer with these uplifting luxuries in self-care.

by Jessica Toscano Nov 21, 2022

Wellness gifts
Jessica Toscano/IntrigueMag

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As fun-filled as the holidays can be, they also mark a stressful time for folks who spend their non-working hours cooking, cleaning, and decorating for the upcoming season of togetherness. For some, that means very little opportunity to indulge in self-care, which can look a little different to each person. One might see it as a healthy snack and gym sesh. Another, a skin-nourishing face mask and the scent of a soothing candle. If your goal is to gift the favorite people in your life a moment of relaxation amidst preparation chaos, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve pieced together a list of the best wellness presents for anyone in your life who could use a moment of chill, whether that means a few minutes to munch on something as healthy as it is tasty or an entire night of blissful slumber after a long day of holiday prep. Here are our 17 favorites to nurture the body and mind.

1. SkinnyDipped Snack Attack Minis Variety Pack, $27.99

Dark chocolate and sea salt almonds

Snack pack meets adulthood in this 25-count assortment of SkinnyDipped’s four fan-fave flavors: Cocoa, Lemon Bliss, Peanut Butter, and Super Dark + Sea Salt. Each packet is 60 calories, contains just the right amount of almonds to satisfy mid-day sweet cravings, and is mini enough to fit in your pocket for on-the-go convenience.

2. Kane Revive Recovery Shoe, $70+

Revive recovery shoes

Support the fitness guru in your life with this no-fuss recovery shoe designed to alleviate post-activity pressure and increase blood circulation and airflow with lightweight sole support, pressure point activators, and external cutouts for ventilation. Add in their unique RestoreFoam™ made from naturally-derived and carbon-neutral sugarcane, and your giftee has found themself a sustainable slip-on that’s machine w