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17 Wellness Gifts for the Favorite People in Your Life

Spread the holiday cheer with these uplifting luxuries in self-care.

by Jessica Toscano Nov 21, 2022

Wellness gifts
Jessica Toscano/IntrigueMag

Hey, you! Before you dive in, we want you to know that all products featured in Intrigue are independently selected by our editorial team just for you. Yes, you're *that* special. ;) But also know that when you shop, we may earn commission from links on this page.


As fun-filled as the holidays can be, they also mark a stressful time for folks who spend their non-working hours cooking, cleaning, and decorating for the upcoming season of togetherness. For some, that means very little opportunity to indulge in self-care, which can look a little different to each person. One might see it as a healthy snack and gym sesh. Another, a skin-nourishing face mask and the scent of a soothing candle. If your goal is to gift the favorite people in your life a moment of relaxation amidst preparation chaos, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve pieced together a list of the best wellness presents for anyone in your life who could use a moment of chill, whether that means a few minutes to munch on something as healthy as it is tasty or an entire night of blissful slumber after a long day of holiday prep. Here are our 17 favorites to nurture the body and mind.

1. SkinnyDipped Snack Attack Minis Variety Pack, $27.99

Dark chocolate and sea salt almonds

Snack pack meets adulthood in this 25-count assortment of SkinnyDipped’s four fan-fave flavors: Cocoa, Lemon Bliss, Peanut Butter, and Super Dark + Sea Salt. Each packet is 60 calories, contains just the right amount of almonds to satisfy mid-day sweet cravings, and is mini enough to fit in your pocket for on-the-go convenience.

2. Kane Revive Recovery Shoe, $70+

Revive recovery shoes

Support the fitness guru in your life with this no-fuss recovery shoe designed to alleviate post-activity pressure and increase blood circulation and airflow with lightweight sole support, pressure point activators, and external cutouts for ventilation. Add in their unique RestoreFoam™ made from naturally-derived and carbon-neutral sugarcane, and your giftee has found themself a sustainable slip-on that’s machine washable and fast drying.

3. Nourished Essentials Stack, $65.99/box ($59.99/box for monthly subscription)

Personalized stacked vitamins

Replace supplement splurges with individually-wrapped vitamin gummies, customized in layers to meet the dietary needs of its customer. Simply complete a two-minute questionnaire that addresses lifestyle choices, like eating habits and desired areas of improvement, and Nourished recommends seven nutrients to layer in its sugar-free, personalized stack created fresh just for your person. Care to skip the survey? You can also choose from one of their pre-formulated stacks that target specific areas like sexual wellness and anxiety.

4. DEEPS CBD Sleep Patches, $29 for 5 patches

CBD sleep patch

For the dreamer who yearns for a good night’s rest, these easy-to-apply patches grant sleep quickly after application, with a slow-release formula that prevents awakenings throughout their slumber. Its inclusion of CBD means calm nights ahead sans habit-forming ingredients to ensure they only patch up when they need it most.

5. ARMRA Colostrum Immune Revival Stick Packs, $49.99

Immunity-boosting packets

Packed with nutrient-dense colostrum (termed “liquid gold,” this is the first milk produced during pregnancy), each ARMRA stick serves a potent dose of prebiotics, peptides, antibodies, antioxidants, and bioactive molecules to help enhance immunity. Some might even say it works miracles in warding off sickness.

6. Hikers Brew 6-Pack Sampler, $26.99 for one-time purchase

Coffee packets
Hikers Brew

Pack it, hike it, and brew it. This sampler pack comes equipped with already-ground coffee pouches in six laid-back flavors for the adventurer in need of a bold pick-me-up. Save up to 20% when you buy bundles of 12 and 24 packets!

7. PlayPauseBe Yoga Deck, $37.99

Yoga card deck

Customize yoga routines with this easy-to-follow card deck that allows practitioners to unplug and unwind anytime, anywhere. Begin by choosing a pose at random or singling out a card that focuses on specific chakras, body parts, or bodily functions. Then, follow its image and instructions to engage. To encourage safety, some cards include suggested warm-up and follow-up poses, so beginners and gurus alike can practice with seamless transitions no matter which card kicks off their pattern.

8. Be Kind to Yourself: A 52-Week Workbook to Nurture Your Beautiful Self through the Good Times, the Messy Times, and All the Seasons in Between, $22.49

Be Kind to Yourself workbook

For anyone who struggles with self-care, this workbook is packed with insightful questions, thoughtful prompts, helpful suggestions, and relatable tales (52 weeks’ worth!) to help guide them into a more nurturing routine.

9. Core Foods Best Sellers Variety Pack, $24

Immunity support bar
CORE Foods

An order of this best sellers pack means eight super moist, immunity-boosting bars in four great-tasting flavors: Blueberry Banana Almond, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate Chip, and Dark Chocolate Cherry. What you won’t find in these bars: gluten, GMOs, animal by-products, or added sugar.

10. Cliterature: A Tale of Two Titties, $20

Adult coloring book
Naughty Nudes

Fun, sexual, and entertaining, this adult coloring book offers your giftee a creative outlet that’s equally relaxing and amusing. Extra points for the literature buff who can name the classic inspo behind each sketch. 11. ESW Beauty Plant-Based Milk Mask Set, $28

Sheet face masks
ESW Beauty

Clean, vegan, and cruelty-free, this set of four plant-based sheet masks offers skin the most luxurious feel and lustrous look without having to do much other than sit back and relax. Pair with the EWS Beauty Jade Roller for the ultimate facial. 12. Chomps Pepperoni-Seasoned Turkey Sticks, $22.50 for 10-pack

Meat sticks

When they search for a mid-day snack, let it be one that’s ethically sourced, packed with protein, low in calories, and yet, is extremely satiating and tasty. Chomps meat sticks come in nine flavors, including season-appropriate Pepperoni Seasoned Turkey (pictured) and Cranberry Habanero Beef, and can be purchased in boxes of 10 and 24 jerky sticks.

13. CorneaCare Self-Heating Warm Compresses, $35 for 30

Self-heating eye compresses

For the person always on the go, tension relief is a must. These self-warming eye compresses are compact enough for travel, come equipped with ear loops to secure with ease, and continue to rise in heat during their 30-minute recommended wear, making them ideal for self-care breaks throughout the day.

14. WhatIF Foods NoodBox, $12.50

Noodle variety box
WhatIF Foods

One of WhatIF Foods’ main missions is to offer great-tasting products that are better for you and better for the planet. That’s why they feature regenerative crop and superfood Bambara groundnuts as their products’ main ingredient. With their NoodBox, giftees receive four flavors of noodles, sauces, and seasonings that are plant-based, packed with protein, and free of artificial colors and flavors for a healthier take on ramen.

15. Seraphina Candles in “Libra Rising”, $18

100 percent beeswax candle
Seraphina Candles

Candle lovers get lit with this hand-poured, 100% beeswax scent in “Libra Rising,” a musky vanilla and sandalwood combo, with hints of eucalyptus, gardenia, and apple cider. Its frosted finish emanates a warm glow, creating the perfect ambiance for the holiday season and beyond.

16. Soli Pillow, $99.99

Pillow with Bluetooth speakers

Pillow speakers might sound counterintuitive for those who aim to relax, but when paired with the right playlist or sound effects, they’re a soothing way to drift to sleep. This head-forming pillow — with Bluetooth capability — offers hi-fi sound without disrupting its user or their partner during a night’s rest.

17. Postal Petals, $89+

Flower box service
Postal Petals

Flower arranging can be both a creative outlet and a meditative experience. That’s what encouraged Talia Boone, founder of Postal Petals, to create a farm-direct floral box that allows people to enjoy the art of bouquet assembly. Available in three sizes — Beanie, Midi, and Biggie — assemblers can create anywhere between two and five medium arrangements depending on the box they choose. Giftees even have the option to subscribe for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly boxes if this art speaks to them.


Jessica Toscano

Jessica Toscano is the founder of IntrigueMag, covering health and fitness, sex and relationships, and more.

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